Ripped from the Headlines!

A Random Collage of Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle Advice (from a Newsstand Near You!)  

What to do with a naked man?   Let your shoes do the flirting!

A bikini is two teeny scraps of sexy fun, but bright orange stilettos make athletic separates seem straight off the runway.

The instant miniskirt workout:  10 little ways to make your boss worship you.

47% of readers say they would not date a man who gets pedicures,  while 27% say neon pink lips are a “don’t.”

Shorts have never been shorter!  Minis have never been mini-er!  Clean-cut New England style has never felt cuter!  (But Joan Rivers says: do make sure you always wear underwear).

The cost per wear on party dresses is exorbitantly high, but a sleek violet surfer top turns super glam when paired with a daring miniskirt.

93% of flip-flops worn for 3 months carry fecal bacteria.

Megan Fox curses like a sailor.

Experts say the car is a hotbed of mindless eating and excess calorie consumption, but Mercedes-Benz has solved the one downside to convertibles: tangled hair.

Can your volume pass the 4 o’clock flop test?

You don’t have to live with a scar!

20 million American women removed facial hair at least once a week in 1999!

Feel weekend happy all week long — finger bling is totally in now!


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