Today, we give thanks for……. what???

You will forgive my warped priorities, I hope, if I devote my Thanksgiving Week post to those fashion & beauty items for which I am most grateful.  My loved ones know that I appreciate them, too, and of course I feel grateful for my job and my health.  But writing about these things would just interfere with my usual habit of complaining.  I think it’s important that we all stick to what we do best.

Besides, this is (technically) a blog devoted to fashion and beauty.  And you know that anybody who calls her blog “The Frump Factor” is somebody who follows a beauty & fashion regimen held together by paper clips, duct tape and glue.  So if anything works for me, I am naturally going to be grateful for it!  Today, I look deep within my heart and give thanks for those items that make me look good, help me feel better, and/or save my ass on a regular basis.

Hollywood Fashion Tape.  It can prevent shirts from gaping open and bra straps from showing.  In a pinch, it can even replace a missing button or hook — much better than a paper clip, and trust me; I’ve tried both.  Plus, it now comes in an adorable little pink tin that you can carry with you in your purse.

Opaque tights. Some of us will just never be pantyhose-and-ladylike-pumps women (or, God forbid, bare-legged-in-February women!)   A substantial pair of opaque tights looks presentable with my skirts, keeps my legs comfortably warm in New England winters, and even flatters the leg by creating a clean, slimming line.  They work with a variety of shoes, not just boots.  They’re even machine washable and last a really, really long time.  Sweet!

The perfect lip gloss.  It must be thick enough to stay put but creamy enough to distribute well.  It should be shiny enough to camouflage dry lines and chapping but opaque and colorful enough so that you don’t just look like you’re wearing vaseline.  When you find it, every day seems a little bit brighter.  Mine is Destiny lip gel from Cosmetic Cosmos (a local company, also available online).

Soft, comfy lounge pants, long-sleeved tees, and fleece vests. Because sometimes, you don’t have to leave the house.  Some of us live for those times.

My leopard print gloves.  They’re made of a thin, flexible, very comfortable fleece-like fabric.  I got them on the cheap at Old Navy, many years ago now, and I get compliments every time I wear them.  My only regrets are that a) They’ve been discontinued, and are thus irreplaceable, and b) I lost my complementary zebra print pair.

Makeup tutorials “On Demand.” God knows, there’s not much to thank my cable company for.  But these 4-minute mini-lessons are very comforting on early mornings when I’m huddled in my bathrobe in front of the TV, bleary-eyed, clutching a cup of coffee and waiting for the caffeine to slowly chug its way into my bloodstream.  Makeup artists always have such soothing voices.

Gel eyeliner.  Who knew that my eyes could not only be visible, but also look like they’re actually open?  The thinnest possible line along the upper lashes does this for me, and only a gel will go on correctly.  I’m currently using one made by Pixi, (available at Target), but I’ve heard that MAC has some to die for, too.

Soft, flattering lighting.  Why is this only found in cozy restaurants, upscale bars, and the dressing rooms at Nordstrom?  Why do we not have this everywhere we go?

Red wine and dark chocolate.  Because the anti-oxidant properties of flavonoids are essential for our skin.  No, really.  What are you laughing at?

My eighth-grade school picture.  Because I will never — ever — have such unflattering clothes, hair, or eyeglasses.  Once this photo was taken, I had no place to go but up.

Bath & Body Works “Glove me Tender” hand cream with SPF.  I always remember those Palmolive dish soap ads from the 70’s, saying that a woman shows her age in her hands.  I guess nobody understood, back then, that the sun was the culprit!  If only I’d found this stuff 30 years ago.

21st-century hair products.  Without them, I would be in a state of Perpetual Poof.

Undereye concealer.  I was blessed with both dark circles and redness around the eyes.  True, I haven’t yet found the perfect concealer of my dreams.  But when I think how I’d look without any concealer at all — oh, the horror!  Even though I’m still yearning for more, I’m thankful for what I have.

My towel warmer.  Because every woman deserves to feel like she’s at the spa daily — if only for a few moments.  My husband is the most amazing gift-chooser on the planet.  Truly.

Aha.  Gratitude toward one of my loved ones.  What better place to end?  So tell me, readers:  What fashion & beauty items make you feel grateful?


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12 Responses to Today, we give thanks for……. what???

  1. Dear Lord, we must share a brain! Oh and I dream of a towel warmer…other than my hubby rushing from the dryer with one …yeah like that happens! LOL

  2. Uyen says:

    aaahhh…great post. For me, I’m grateful for Clinique’s Pore minimizer refining lotion. Not because I need to minimize my pores but I use it to de-shine my face. It’s the ONLY product that I have found that will resists sweat & humidity… plus gives me a long lasting matte finish. Love this product!

  3. Gail says:

    Bobbi Brown makes a great gel eyeliner too. And I have very dark circles under my eyes and found Touche eclat is the best, although not too much otherwise you look like a reverse panda.

  4. loved this post..I may steal a bit of it for our Thanksgiving round-the-table thanks. I am thankful my fave lipstain/lipgloss: Tarte. muchas gracias, paula

  5. You got me with the towel warmer!

  6. Vicki Adrian says:

    Love the Thankfulness posts…A towel warmer would be awesome! Some other favs….My $5.00 Head Massager at the end of the day that will just relax you all over…good ol’ Vaseline on the lips when they are just too chapped…and my favorite pair of Fuzzy Footies on a cold night! The DARK chocolate would also have to be on my list! (for medicinal purposes only!) 🙂

  7. Sara C. says:

    Please tell me where to get opaque tights! I’ve looked around, but been a bit unsuccessful. Location and brand if you could! Thank you! Love the list, and am thinking of adding towel warmer to my Christmas list!

    • Happy to oblige — my newer pairs were made by Hue, and I got them at Macy’s. (And ok, they may not be 100 percent opaque, but close). They look nice but they’re itchy!

      My most comfortable, all-purpose tights, believe it or not, came from Old Navy. I don’t know if they still carry them, though, because I didn’t look this year (and it may be too late in the season, anyway). They’ve got a teeny bit of that shiny, Lycra sheen, but not bad. The Hue ones look a little more polished, but I don’t like the scratchiness. (I have super sensitive skin, though). Hope that helps!

  8. Sharon J says:

    I’m a bit late joining the party but hey-ho, better late than never.

    The two items I wouldn’t even consider going anywhere without are mascara and a padded bra. Without mascara I just don’t feel dressed and with a bust like mine, the latter is a must.

    I feel a strong need to track down some Mac Gel eyeliner now. We don’t have Pixi here in the UK (as far as I know) but we most definitely have Mac. It’s a pity I can’t get it in time for my night out tomorrow. Sigh.

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