About Anne @ The Frump Factor

I’ve never been ruled by beauty or fashion. During my younger years, I considered myself a person of high ideals, far too serious-minded to care about superficial appearances.  But fashion magazines and makeover shows were always a guilty pleasure.

Now that I’m on the downslope of my forties, I appreciate the power of clothes that flatter the figure, colors that brighten the eyes, and some serious undereye concealer.  Do I always look great?  Hell, no!  I’m often thwarted by frugality, lack of time and patience, a demanding day job, and just plain laziness.  But I enjoy trying.

Armed with handfuls of department store coupons and a growing arsenal of beauty products, I am trying to fight the (inevitable?) descent into frumpville.  Bring your sense of humor and fight the frump with me!

Contact info:  flooritred624 (at) yahoo (dot) com

12 Responses to About Anne @ The Frump Factor

  1. Amen!!! I hear you and couldn’t agree with you more. Glad I located your blog and will follow for sure.

  2. Patrice says:

    I’m fighting the same battle! Love the picture with the facial masque!

  3. alwaysjan says:

    Love the picture as I came of age when girls were rolling their hair with orange juice cans. My hair was never long enough for those or to iron. I like to think of my hair as a native shrub. One day I came to school and it was flat. A student told me I looked like I just got out of bed. I told her she looked like she’d been dragged to school by wild horses. She winced. It goes both ways, I informed her. Now I make sure to gel my hair up as the kids always like to remember that teacher with the wild hair.

  4. I love your about me! Oh and thanks for the comment on today’s blog! Yep, I push myself out the door before coffee. I down a bottle of water before hand too. I also wake far earlier than I care to, and well it is a real battle to get dressed. BUT I found that the only way I can loose weight is to walk before breakfast, and coffee….it worked before, and when I lived in TX…I lost 20 pounds that way! I gained half of that back when I started to change the habit….but still maintained it the weight, even with eating a lemon bar 5x a week, when I began to follow that rule again…so I am sticking with it :o)

  5. THANKS for following my blog–Loving yours too

  6. gracefully50 says:

    Found your blog thru the Citizen Rosebud +40 list. You have a wonderful sense of humor. Really enjoyed reading your posts.

  7. Tag! You’re it!
    from http://astimegoesbuy.wordpress.com
    https://frumpfactor.wordpress.com/ – While fighting the frump within, do you ever just want to give up and let her win?

  8. Chris H. says:

    Love your blog and will keep on following!

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