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Special TV offer! Act now!

I’ve been spending lots of time at the gym lately, and not because I’m suddenly dedicated to fitness, believe me. No. Unlike my house, the gym is air-conditioned.  So even though exercise is far from my first-choice activity, I’ve been … Continue reading

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The other gold

Mr. Frump and I recently got together with two old friends.   They started out as Mr. Frump’s coworkers, but they soon became friends in earnest.  But things changed, as they often do: first the job, then our residence.  Even … Continue reading

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Inventions we’d like to see

There’s been a lot of talk in the beauty industry lately about multi-tasking products. You’ve probably seen ads for some of them:  eye creams that disguise and treat, self-tanners that also moisturize and exfoliate, toothpastes that clean and whiten. But … Continue reading

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Our Toenails, Ourselves (Reprise)

If you’ve been following the Great Back Pain saga here at The Frump Factor, you will be happy to hear that I made it through both of my summer parties this week without resorting to frumpy footwear.  I wore the black and … Continue reading

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This post brought to you by Advil

I’ve always promised myself that, if I ever feel compelled to blog about physical ailments, I will try to make it a) entertaining, and b) relevant to the theme of my blog (such as it is). So here is my attempt.  You … Continue reading

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The Solace of Shiny Things

Spring Fever is raging through Frump Factor headquarters at the moment.  When this happens, I get the irresistible urge to walk away from the ever-growing pile of student papers on my desk and go have silly, frivolous fun for a … Continue reading

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Hangin’ with the Golden Girls

There’s nothing quite like shopping “Senior Citizens’ Day” at Beall’s.  Beall’s (pronounced Bell’s) is Southwest Florida’s premiere department store — at least according to the very frugal women in my family. Of course, one could argue that at Beall’s, as … Continue reading

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Underwear: A Reckoning (Part One?)

There comes a point in life when lingerie is less about how your body looks in it and more about how your clothes look over it. It’s still all about showing your body to its best advantage.    But as … Continue reading

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If I have one of these, can I be a badass?

I tried to take a picture of the actual gray stripe that is forming in my own, actual hair.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t show up on film because it isn’t really a gray stripe, yet.  It’s more of a Gray Stripe-in-Waiting.  … Continue reading

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Fear of Athletic Shoes

I just don’t want to be one of those old ladies in ugly sneakers.   Is that so wrong? I know stuff happens to your feet.  I know you have to be comfortable, and avoid falls.  Hell, I even know ladies … Continue reading

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