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Special TV offer! Act now!

I’ve been spending lots of time at the gym lately, and not because I’m suddenly dedicated to fitness, believe me. No. Unlike my house, the gym is air-conditioned.  So even though exercise is far from my first-choice activity, I’ve been … Continue reading

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Inventions we’d like to see

There’s been a lot of talk in the beauty industry lately about multi-tasking products. You’ve probably seen ads for some of them:  eye creams that disguise and treat, self-tanners that also moisturize and exfoliate, toothpastes that clean and whiten. But … Continue reading

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The Solace of Shiny Things

Spring Fever is raging through Frump Factor headquarters at the moment.  When this happens, I get the irresistible urge to walk away from the ever-growing pile of student papers on my desk and go have silly, frivolous fun for a … Continue reading

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Today, we give thanks for……. what???

You will forgive my warped priorities, I hope, if I devote my Thanksgiving Week post to those fashion & beauty items for which I am most grateful.  My loved ones know that I appreciate them, too, and of course I feel grateful … Continue reading

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Prayers to the Bronze Goddess: Deliver me from sun-care confusion

I entered my teen years in the 1970’s, and there were oh so many ways in which I did not live up to the beauty standards of the time.  One of these was my skin’s stubborn refusal to tan.  This … Continue reading

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