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Once in a lifetime

I recently attended my 25th college reunion. The journey involved a seemingly endless car trip, during which the rocky ridges of Massachusetts gave way to the green meadows of New York and, finally, the wide, open fields of Ohio. I’ve … Continue reading

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Fantasy vs. reality: The closet edition

In the fantasy, I stroll into my perfectly organized closet to assemble my perfectly coordinated outfit. My clothes are color-coordinated and organized by type. Outfits assemble themselves effortlessly. After a quick glance in my beautifully lit, 3-way mirror, I smile … Continue reading

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Dressing in the dark (and other joys of fall)

We are entering the time, my friends, when leaving the house with one black shoe and one navy blue shoe is a very real danger.  While I’ve never done this myself, I’ve seen it happen.  Lack of natural light in … Continue reading

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Wardrobe by Mother Nature

For the past few nights, a huge frog has been hanging out on the sliding glass doors leading to our back deck.  From our viewpoint inside the brightly-lit living room, he looks like an otherworldly, frog-shaped apparition hanging there.  I’m … Continue reading

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Rut-Busters: Inching Toward Handbag Sophistication

I’ve always loved bags in theory, but not so much in practice.  To me, bags are just like shoes in that we ask them to do a lot of different things for us — some of which are contradictory or … Continue reading

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Rut-Busters: A Party Top Goes to Work

Just to review: Rut-Busters is my new series, introduced last week, in which I try new things – however small – to dig myself out of the wardrobe ruts into which I so easily fall.  So without further ado, let’s … Continue reading

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New Series: Rut Busters!

We all fall into style ruts sometimes.  I’m especially prone to them, as I discussed in detail here.  In summary, my primary rut-producing issues are these: My shopping budget is limited, My time for shopping is even more limited, I don’t think I … Continue reading

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