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Shopping with Mom

I recently returned from a visit to the Frump Factor ancestral home. It was here that I endured junior high school, an endless sequence of bad haircuts, and culottes. So let’s just say the style legacy I left behind is … Continue reading

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The mascara games: Fear and loathing at the drugstore

Not too long ago, as I was half-squatting, half-sprawling on the floor of my local drugstore, unsuccessfully searching the lowest possible shelf for a replacement mascara, a question popped into my head. Do all beauty products get discontinued within a … Continue reading

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12-Step Couponing

They say admitting the problem is the first step to getting help. They say you have to hit bottom before you’re ready for recovery. Well, I hit bottom at approximately 4:56 pm today.  It was at this moment that I … Continue reading

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Mammopanic! (with a side of shopping)

There’s nothing like a normal mammogram to make you want to go shopping.  Especially when it’s one of those dreaded mammogram “call-backs.”  Not that I’m an expert or anything, since this was only my second mammogram ever, even though I’m … Continue reading

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The Solace of Shiny Things

Spring Fever is raging through Frump Factor headquarters at the moment.  When this happens, I get the irresistible urge to walk away from the ever-growing pile of student papers on my desk and go have silly, frivolous fun for a … Continue reading

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Fear of Boutiques (Part One?)

Why on earth would a fully functioning adult woman be afraid to walk into a store?  It’s crazy, I know, but I’m still often intimidated by a certain kind of fashionable, independently owned boutique. It’s frustrating because I am also … Continue reading

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Hangin’ with the Golden Girls

There’s nothing quite like shopping “Senior Citizens’ Day” at Beall’s.  Beall’s (pronounced Bell’s) is Southwest Florida’s premiere department store — at least according to the very frugal women in my family. Of course, one could argue that at Beall’s, as … Continue reading

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